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The attorneys at Lyons & Lyons exceeded my expectations. Their legal aides and staff are top notch as well, couldn’t have made my case any easier!

– Anonymous

Jon Fox handled an OVI case for me. He knew his stuff to a T. He knew everyone in the courthouse, all the judges, officers, and prosecutors.

Explained everything in detail to me, and handled the entire case. All I got to say is I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

I’d have been happy to pay double what I did for his services!

– Anonymous

John Fox is the attorney you need if you are charged in Butler County and especially West Chester. He knows everybody on the court personally and is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Worth every penny!!!

– Bob

I have used Lyons & Lyons for various legal services and highly recommend them.

– Kaitlyn

Great attorneys. I would highly recommend them.

– Pamela

Great job on my changes in my custody battle with my ex wife. Greg Vogt was true professionalism and class.

– Doug

Kara Lyons was incredibly helpful, and crucial, in coordinating my mother’s will. Since I live in New York, it was comforting to know my mom was in great hands at Lyons & Lyons. We are referring everyone we know to Kara for all of their will and estate planning needs.

Thank you, Lyons & Lyons!

– Maureen

Gregory Vogt was amazing in our custody case against my husbands ex wife! What could have been drug out forever Greg got it done in 1 court date and it was in our favor. Thank you again!!!

– Trisha

Greg handled a speeding ticket for me. He was able to reduce the ticket to a nonmoving violation, which resulted in zero points on my license. This kept me from having my license suspended and kept my insurance rates from going up.

– Anonymous

To frustrated property owners,

I have owned rental property for approximately 20 years and have always represented myself when evicting tenants that have breached our agreement. This limited my eviction expense to the court filing fees and the court would generally allow the tenant 30 days from the court date, which typically takes 2 weeks after the initial court filing to turn the property back over to rent. Thus, a typical eviction would take a least 45 – 60 days if all went well.

I contacted Lyons and Lyons to assist me with evicting a tenant that was in breech of their agreement and was actively intimidating other tenants within my building. Mr. Vogt offered to take my case immediately for a very reasonable fee and then went the extra mile.

Mr. Vogt contacted the court and was able to schedule a court date within a couple days, thus, instantly, cutting the typical 2 week process. Then, he present my case to the judge and explained my immediate need to protect my property and other tenants. The judge ordered the tenant to vacate the property at 7 P.M THAT EVENING with the assistance of the local police department!

I was shocked and ecstatic to say the least:) The police officers that assisted me even commented that I must of had a good attorney. I agreed and have used Mr. Vogt’s services ever since for evictions, traffic violations, etc with the same great level of service.

Thanks again, Mr. Vogt, for being there when needed and always delivering above expectations!

– Jason

Jon was a great attorney. Explained everything to us. Consulted with me to get the full story and clearly explained all options available. Appeared in court with me and kept me informed as to what was happening and the outcome of what was decided. As this was my first time being involved in anything other than paying a traffic ticket, Jon did a great job of explaining everything and keeping me informed as to what would happen, how things happened and when things happened in the process. Did a good job of keeping me at ease and making sure that I understood everything.

– Anonymous

I met Jon fox about 4 years ago after a friend was arrested for a DUI. My friend talked highly of john and ended up beating the charge. I don’t want to get into his case but I was impressed when I heard how well John did in court. A few years later I was arrested but my case was a little more serious than my friends. My bond was set at twenty thousand dollars. The same friend called john for me and the next day Jon got me out of jail for three thousand. I Met Jon at his office a few days later to tell him the story and to hear how bad this was. It was serious, I could possibly have to spend years in prison. Jon told me he thought he could get me out of this. Even a plea bargain would not be good for me we had to beat the whole thing. Jon was very confident and that helped me stay calm through this whole thing. I do not know how much experience Jon had with cases like mine but he did a lot of research and talked to experts in this matter. He did everything he told me he would do plus some. We took the case to trial and won in three days. Jon is one of those people you listen to when he talks and I think the jury listened to him and liked him. He did a lot of other things any good lawyer would do but the difference is he is sharp and likeable. Most lawyers just are not likeable people. I still talk to Jon and consider him a friend. I hope to never need a lawyer again but if I do I will feel confident about using Jon.

– Joe

Attorney Jonathan Fox is accessible and reliable; he will go the extra mile for his clients and is there to support you through the extensive legal struggles. BOTTOM LINE: He extended himself to ensure my safety.

– Anonymous

Jon represented me in a criminal case that went to trial. He was very proactive with pre-trial, minimizing my involvement with the courts directly. During my trial, he was dominant in the courtroom and his cross examination of the prosecution’s evidence and witnesses proved to be very thorough and one of the best I have seen. He is a seasoned lawyer and it showed.

– OC

When I was in need of council I wasn’t sure who to call, a good friend of mine recommended Mr. Fox. so I called and he called me right back. I met him at his office, he told me what was going to happen and it did. He was great, He has a good sense of humor and really cared about my situation. If anybody is in need of council I would recommend Mr. Fox to everybody I know.

– Michael

Jon Fox is the most professional, caring , attentive attorney I have ever dealt with. The staff at his office is wonderful and are very prompt to inform of any information. I highly recommend him for any legal counsel. Jon Fox is not only a excellent attorney he is a great person. Thank you Jon Fox and staff.

– Renee

I left a message for Jon Fox on Christmas day, & marked it urgent.

I received an email from Jon within a few minutes requesting I meet him at his office the next morning.

I cannot over state how comforting it was that Mr. Fox made a special trip to his office on a Christmas weekend to meet with me, & that at no time in this meeting did Jon make me feel rushed. In fact, he sat with me well beyond our appointment time, answering all of my questions, & addressing all of my concerns.

Throughout the next few weeks, Jon returned all of my calls in a timely manner, and delivered the results he promised at our 1st meeting.

I would recommend Jon Fox to anyone needing legal counsel and/or legal representation.

– Anonymous

Great lawyer, great experience. I hired him on 3 occasions, all went flawlessly. Always there when I needed clarification on anything. Got all charges reduced significantly considering the circumstances.

– Anonymous

Jon Fox was hired because of his knowledge concerning juvenile law and his ability to work with the court system. The litigation and court appearances took longer that I thought but this was due to the other party not totally cooperating. Jon did an excellent job informing us of the progress of the case and finally a plea agreement was reached to our satisfaction. The case is closed and a short probation was necessary for our grandson. All ended well and we are certainly satisfied with the professional demeanor of Mr. Fox and would certainly recommend him in the future to anyone requiring legal counsel. ( Hopefully not us).

– Doug

This is the attorney you need if you are charged in Butler County. He knows everybody there and is very friendly. He is especially good with the court personnel and is very knowledgeable. I came in with two F5’s and he got the changed to M2’s and I got probation. Worth every penny!!!

– Bob

This is the second time I hired Mr. Fox as an attorney in area 3 court. He will be your best chance if your involved in a criminal violation. The first time he got 2 Felony charges reduced to misdemeanors and I received probation, the second time I violated probation and he got me back on probation. I hope I never need an attorney again, but if I do I would hire him again in a minute. Thank You Jonathan Fox!

– Bob

Excellent service and best outcome possible. Used Mr. Fox twice for a couple of unfortunate incidents on my behalf. Would definitely recommend him to anyone.

– Anonymous

Mr. Jonathan Fox was tremendous in defending my case. I have never associated with a better lawyer them him. He worked for me, was very direct about expectations and the results were very positive.

I highly recommend him.

– Anonymous

My husband and I got an appointment quickly to get our wills and estate planning done. Everyone was very courteous and professional in setting everything up.

Would definitely recommend them to others.

– Anonymous

My wife and I met with Mr. Lyons and staff to update our wills and general power of attorneys which were originally done while living in another city during the 1980’s. He also crafted for us living wills and health care power of attorney documents as well. The job was done in a timely manner, as we expected and in a courteous and professional surrounding. The cost was reasonable for a total of 8 documents ( for myself and my wife). I am glad we made the decision. There are online ways of doing these things. However, if I have a question or concern or need something crafted personally the online source will not be sufficient (IMHO). I enjoy my sleep, and knowing it was done right and filed appropriately allows me to sleep well. We have used him in the past to assist with legal documents when my wife’s aunt was very ill. Job was done well at that time also. I very much recommend Mr. Lyons and his law office.

– Perry

Mr. Lyons revised both of our Wills this month. It was an easy and pleasant experience. Mr. Lyons directed and advised us on the procedure. Should the need ever arrive to seek an attorney we will definitely call Mr. Lyons.

– Carolyn

A few years ago I used Lyons and Lyons for a child support case and to establish my will. Last month it was time to review and update my will. Robert made the entire experience very easy. The entire staff is friendly and makes you feel welcome. I’d highly recommend Lyons and Lyons!

– Lisa

My wife and I came to Lyons & Lyons for updating our wills, Powers Of Attorney and establishing our Trust. We have used this firm in the past. Kara was the lead on assisting us in this activity. She did a great job, was thorough in gathering the information for our situation and completed the legal documents accurately. I would highly recommend her for this type of service.

– Jerry

Our entire experience was great. Kara was extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process . I would highly recommend her for all estate needs.

– Heather

I met with Robert Lyons and Kara Hagen Lyons to update my will and create an Estate Trust, Power of Attorneys, and Living Will. I was well advised and all questions and requests were answered. Ms. Lyons prepared all of my documents including updated information that was just released. Having gone above expectations, I would definitely recommend Ms. Lyons for trusts and wills.

– Susan

I was very pleased with the service I received. Kara and her partners provided me with extremely helpful information and did the leg work that uncovered a serious error on the part of my mortgage company that I am now correcting. The price was reasonable and they were easy to work with. I am very happy with them.

– Kimball

Atty Lyons was extremely professional and took her time to make sure we thoroughly understood the legal documents we were having prepared.

– Dona

I met with both Robert Lyons and Kara Hagen Lyons to discuss setting up a Last Will & Testament, Living Will, General POA, Health Care POA and Family Revocable Living Trust. I was well advised and all questions and requests were answered in a professional and courteous manner. Ms. Lyons and her staff, Tammy Walton, prepared all of my documents. The process exceeded my expectations, and I would definitely recommend Kara Lyons for all estate planning needs.

– Paula

I’m grateful for the legal assistance Kara and her team at Lyons & Lyons provided me and my family. They reacted promptly when time-sensitive action was required and provided the support that was needed under challenging circumstances.

I’d highly recommend Kara and her team to anyone in need of such services

– John

Kara was able to take the hassle out of estate planning. We were able to complete our wills and trust in a reasonable amount of time. She walked us through the process and explained each step along the way.

– Kevin

Kara made us feel right at home and explained all of the major and in or considerations as we prepared our wills, living wills, power of attorney, trust etc. knows her stuff! Would recommend her to anyone trying to get these basics in place.

– Alex

Kara steered us in the right direction and was a joy to work with. Explained what we needed and didn’t need in very clear language.

– Edward

Kara updated our wills, living wills and power of attorneys. We were very satisfied with the work she did for us and she did it quickly.

– Connie

Kara provided my wife and me with excellent advise and information in the preparation of our will. She took the time to explain and answer any and all of our questions. We found her to be thorough and timely in the preparation of our will. We will definitely use Kara for any future legal issues.

– Anonymous

We hired Kara to update our wills and set up a trust. She explained the entire process thoroughly and walked us through each document in detail. The turnaround time from initial meeting to signing documents was a few weeks. Our overall experience was excellent and we have great confidence in Kara and the Lyons and Lyons office.

– Tom

Estate Planning made easy! Kara helped me to prepare my will and estate planning. She answered all my questions and made the process seamless.

– Carrie

Kara was really helpful with my will. I did not know that much about wills or health power of attorney. Kara is very knowledgeable in all aspects of the law concerning the will, ( I have a blended family). Also, the health power of attorney was explained and written to my satisfaction. She also helped get a survivorship deed. I would recommend Kara to all my friends and family. She is great.

– Carolyn

Kara was willing to sit down with us and discuss exactly how we wanted our trust drawn up concerning a blended family. I believe everything she did will be perfect for any future happenings that might occur. I was very satisfied and would highly recommend her and her firm.

– Tim

Kara gave us every detail we requested. Our wills were sent for our review very quickly and we were able to complete the transaction. We are completely satisfied and happy with Kara. We were referred to her and we have recommended her in turn.

– Mimi

Kara updated our will and other legal documents including power of attorney. She also advised us during this process as what was recommended and/or advised.

Very pleased with Kara and the work performed.

– Anonymous

Kara prepared my will and trust. She was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all my questions. Her friendly personality put me at ease. I was under a time constraint and she worked diligently to accommodate…this was very much appreciated. I have recommended her to many of my friends that are looking for a lawyer.

– Rebecca

Kara really understood my unique situation with regard to estate planning. I am raising a grandchild and my grown children are medically unstable to make financial decisions.

We worked together to come up with a plan to protect all of them financially.

– Theresa

Kara was easy to work with and had many great suggestions regarding my will. I recommend her highly.

– Steve

Kara was well prepared and patient as my significant other and I worked through our first Will and Living Trust.

– Anonymous

We hired Kara to write our Wills, our previous Wills were over 20 years old. Kara’s professionalism is second to none. She is very knowledgeable in her field and always had an answer for all our questions. She also has a very calming persona and makes you feel at ease. All steps & protocol were explained in a very professional manner. I would highly recommend Kara & her firm and will definitely return to her for any future legal advice or needs.

– Kurt

Kara makes you feel as though you have known her forever. Friendly, genuine, interested, and so easy to talk to. She pays complete attention to every word you say even though you are jumping from one subject to the next! Highly recommend her!

– Karen

Friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. We will use her [Kara H. Lyons] for all of our future legal needs. Highly recommended.

– David