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An OVI Doesn’t Have To Be The End Of The Road

Last updated on June 6, 2023

An operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs offense (OVI) is very serious. A conviction carries mandatory terms of incarceration, fines and loss of driver’s license. An OVI conviction cannot be sealed, so a conviction will be on your driving/criminal record for life. If you are charged with an OVI, you want the best representation possible.

Serious Representation For When You Need It Most

The award-winning attorneys at Lyons & Lyons, Attorneys at Law, have decades of experience in traffic and OVI cases through the courts of Ohio. They know the Ohio OVI laws, they know the court systems, and they know the technicalities. You can be assured that they will work hard to get the best possible result.

From your first consultation, we begin drafting defense strategies based on your unique situation. The more we understand about your incident, the better we can understand what methods of defense will achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

We will investigate such details as:

  • Were you pulled over for illegitimate reasons?
  • Did the attending officer follow proper sobriety test protocols?
  • Was your BAC or driving affected by medical conditions or medication?
  • Were your rights violated during the arrest?

Lyons & Lyons, Attorneys at Law, is dedicated to defending your rights in OVI cases and all criminal matters.

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