I met jon fox about 4 years ago after a friend was arrested for a dui. My friend talked highly of john and ended up beating the charge. I dont want to get into his case but i was impressed when i heard how well john did in court. A few years later i was arrested but my case was a little more serious than my friends. My bond was set at twenty thousand dollars. The same friend called john for me and the next day jon got me out of jail for three thousand. I Met jon at his office a few days later to tell him the story and to hear how bad this was. It was serious, i could possibly have to spend years in prison. Jon told me he thought he could get me out of this. Even a plea bargain would not be good for me we had to beat the whole thing. Jon was very confident and that helped me stay calm through this whole thing. I do not know how much experience jon had with cases like mine but he did a lot of research and talked to experts in this matter. He did everything he told me he would do plus some. We took the case to trial and won in three days. Jon is one of those people you listen to when he talks and i think the jury listened to him and liked him. He did a lot of other things any good lawyer would do but the difference is he is sharp and likeable. Most lawyers just are not likeable people. I still talk to jon and consider him a friend. I hope to never need a lawyer again but if i do i will feel confident about using Jon. ~Joe