To frustrated property owners,

I have owned rental property for approximately 20 years and have always represented myself when evicting tenants that have breached our agreement. This limited my eviction expense to the court filing fees and the court would generally allow the tenant 30 days from the court date, which typically takes 2 weeks after the initial court filing to turn the property back over to rent. Thus, a typical eviction would take a least 45 – 60 days if all went well.

I contacted Lyons and Lyons to assist me with evicting a tenant that was in breech of their agreement and was actively intimidating other tenants within my building. Mr. Vogt offered to take my case immediately for a very reasonable fee and then went the extra mile.

Mr. Vogt contacted the court and was able to schedule a court date within a couple days, thus, instantly, cutting the typical 2 week process. Then, he present my case to the judge and explained my immediate need to protect my property and other tenants. The judge ordered the tenant to vacate the property at 7 P.M THAT EVENING with the assistance of the local police department!

I was shocked and ecstatic to say the least:) The police officers that assisted me even commented that I must of had a good attorney. I agreed and have used Mr. Vogt’s services ever since for evictions, traffic violations, etc with the same great level of service.

Thanks again, Mr. Vogt, for being there when needed and always delivering above expectations!